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Harrisonville Soccer Club

Fall Registration

Fall 2019 Online Registration     

There will be no in-person signups. If you are having trouble signing up please contact a board member, friend, coach, etc and we will help you through the process.

Online registration is now open for the 2019 Fall Soccer Season!   Goto and in the upper right of your screen, click on the Login button to login to your account and  signup your kids through the steps after that. Be sure to request your coach if you have a specific coach you want to play for. Travel players playing up, register for the age they belong in and note that they are playing up and we will move you to the correct age division and team.       

If you have not created an online account, click the Register button, create an account, and then  signup  your kids. If you get an error stating the email address has already been used (we had to manually enter some for     registration purposes), use the Forgot Password feature on the login screen to reset your password.       

You will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation number if you successfully signed up online. We had several instances in the fall where parents thought they registered because they got to a confirmation screen but did not click the final "Yes I'm Sure" button. That screen was a "confirm your details" screen. You will receive an email confirming your order.   

Recreational Divisions     
U6: $65  
U8: $85  
U10: $85  
U12: $85       



Age Groups/Divisions     
Here is a breakdown of where your child will play based on the year they were born.       
U6: 2014 - 2015  
U8: 2012 - 2013  
U9: 2011
U10: 2010  
U11: 2009  
U12: 2008  
U13: 2007  
U14: 2006  
U15: 2005 
U16: 2004  
U17: 2003  
U18: 2002     

Expect to hear from your coaches the first week of August if not sooner.

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